Wednesday, 22 July 2015

 Welcome back to Pensive Pensioner & Michelle Palmer.

Just thought I would do a post about the new home.

Well our son changed his mind about living at home, he wants to live on his own in Cheltenham for a year, so he can be a bit more independent, so really we didn't have to move, but we have both lived in Devon all our lives and decided it would be good to do something different, and it will be good for our son, he might just pop home at the weekend. None of us know anyone at all, but we have got each other and I am sure we will make a few friends.

We live in a house now, but are moving in a bungalow.

I have been weighing up the pros and cons of moving, its mostly all good.

The only thing not so good is the rent is higher, and there is only one family bathroom, where we are now we have two bathrooms and a downstairs loo.
We have always had 3 bedrooms, but this is a four bed (why do we need a four bed I hear you ask), well the house is in the right location a nice area which is important to us. So  a bedroom for us , our son will still have his own room, then we are going to have a guest room and office/workroom for me. The kitchen is just about the same size as we have now and its got a dishwasher which I am really thrilled about, and we have a utility room, and the garden is a lovely size. We have no garage but the shed/workshop is about the size of a double garage inside, there is a huge hardstanding out the front where you could easily fit four cars and there is a gate at the side were we can put the car away. It is semi detatched, but being an area of bungalow's we are not overlooked by anyone, which is nice. 

So the rent may be higher, but we won't need to spend so much on petrol as we do now , we have to travel about 24 miles now just to get to the supermarket, but we have one which is only a few minutes away, we thought we might have a trawl round all the supermarkets of an evening and go yellow sticker hunting, also the property doesn't have a water meter. 

This will be the fourth time we have moved in five years since we sold our house, once more after this to find our forever home and that's it !

 It will be nice to sit and relax in the new garden and have a few of these, I think we deserve it.

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