Thursday, 23 July 2015

And when she got there the cupboard was bare............

Welome back to Pam & Domestic Diva.

My stockpile of food which I use to keep in the garage has gone, and so has my lovely freezer, we only bought it last October, but I do not need to keep so much in now as we are nearer the shops, we had the option of keeping the fridge freezer in the new property so we said yes, as where we are now the fridge is built in and not ours, and the freezer will be big enough, where we are now the washing machine belongs with the property as does the cooker.
The new place has a lovely washing machine so we don't need to buy one, we have a tumble drier. The cooker in the new property is not in good order and being taken out, so we will be buying a new one, but we are going to leave it until we get there, it won't take long to get one delivered, we can manage for a few days, I have a slow cooker and we can have salads.

Last Saturday we had our own yard sale and on the Sunday we did a carboot and it was really successful.
I only made one purchase at the carboot sale.
An  little old Masons bowl.

I really love these bowls, now I have three different sizes, the large one is a modern version but the smaller ones are the older ones.

 I have also in the last week sold lots of unwanted items on Ebay.
The local charity shop have done extremely well out of us this week.

We have started packing away things which we won't be needing to use. The days are going quickly now, lots to do.


  1. Wish I was packing to move "" Big Sigh""

    1. I'm sure it won't be long for you, your house is beautiful. I am wishing the week s away here, looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Packing and sorting is such hard work but it will be worth it and everything will seem new and exciting. Good luck x

    1. Yes it will, I am getting excited already, I am bored at the moment, only 3 weeks left now, x

  3. I have moved many times and have loved it, a chance to really have a good go through the possessions and sort out. Now I hope never to move again. It is exciting though, a new start, new people to meet and things to see, maybe I will get footloose again one day.

    1. One more time after this one for us hopefully, and I agree it is good to sort out and declutter.


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