Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Just another normal thrifty day.

Being thrifty is the norm around here...........

The postman arrives with some free samples.
Car wash for my husband.

Some skincare samples for me.
The more free samples I get the less I have to spend on products.

Cheap pears poached to go with some yogurt for breakfasts.

Spotty bananas made into banana and sultana cakes for the freezer, using reduced eggs of course.

Seeds which I have been drying put into envelopes to keep for next year.

Tubes of toothpaste bought for 50p.

Just to let you know my second book the ebook version is on sale from midnight the 24th August - midnight on the 31st of August for 99p.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Growing vs Yellow Stickers.

This photo was taken a few weeks after we moved here after the weeds were cleared, this is the bed I have been using to grow a few edibles in the last few years. 

This year we filled it with potatoes, courgettes and some tomatoes, the potatoes have been great, the courgettes as always have been good, but the tomatoes were no good at all, I have only picked 2 or 3, they ended up with the blight disease.

Things we have grown this year.

Apples, raspberries, blackcurrants, salad leaves, peppers, garlic, herbs, potatoes and tomatoes,courgettes, spinach, and there is now what we think is going to be pumpkin or butternut squash, growing away (self seeded).

We made a decision, we are not growing any winter veg in here, this space is being turned into something else over the next few weeks, into something we had when we had our own house, something we are all interested in, I shall talk more about it when it begins.

I still have the greenhouse and wherever we end up when we move again, I may still do a bit of growing, things like salad leaves, peppers, tomatoes, etc are easily grown in pots. But if like now we are so close to the supermarkets I am not sure?

Today was disappointing for vegetables, but I can still get some cheap ones in the week.

Today's yellow sticker shop.

Apples, melon, and avocado's - 9p each.

We have started to pick the larger apples from our own tree this week as well.

Berries 19p, yes I was naughty I know Blackberries are free on the hedgerows at the moment.

We have been picking our own raspberries, we get a large handful daily, they have done extremely well.

 Pears and oranges 19p.

And just a few other things.

Courgettes picked from the garden this week.
But I could have bought big bagfuls for only 9p.

So you see my dilemma, grow your own, or buy the yellow stickers?

I think I am favouring the yellow stickers.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Blenheim & Burford

Last year we had two visits to Blenheim Palace, you pay once and this allows you to get a pass so you can visit free for the rest of the year, our pass was about to expire so we thought we would have one last visit.

For the overseas readers and anyone who doesn't know - Blenheim Palace is home to the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. It is a world heritage site and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. 

I didn't take many photos as I already have plenty from previous visits, but these are the ones I took today.

The Butterfly House.

After Blenheim it was off to Burford -  Burford is a medievel town on the River Windrush in the Cotswolds hills in West Oxfordshire, it is often referred to a the gateway to the Cotswolds.

Followed by Burford Garden Company.
It was a huge place, they had everything and more in there.

Giant bar of chocolate only £42/ Giant bug hotel only £800

A nice day out, a break from the norm.