Thursday, 15 March 2018

Crops in Pots

Crop in pots and growbags/sacks that is what I am going to be doing this year.

I have a tin with various fruit and flowers seeds left from last year and even some seeds which I saved myself. I am just going to concentrate on sowing/growing edibles, I can pick flowering plants up cheaply from the car boot sales. I wasn't going to bother growing anything but I changed my mind. 

Some things I have bought cheaply over the last few weeks.

Yesterday I did something which I never do, I bought a magazine.
It was good value though, £4.99 for a magazine, gardening gloves and 5 packets of seeds.

Hopefully we will have lots of tasty and healthy things to eat fresh from the garden.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The 6 silkie chicks are a week old now and doing very well. 

Charlie and Chuck spend the days outside in their new accommodation, I go out and sit and watch them for a while and let them out, they are only 4 and a half weeks old still and quite small so I like to keep a close eye on them, they don't move far, they are having a run built this week so they can go in and out as they please without me having to keep an eye on them, this will only be used until they are bigger and then they can roam wherever they like.

How we gonna get back in there Charlie

Its ok Chuck just follow me 

 The aviary is looking more colourful now we have 3 pairs of Bourkes and 3 babies.

Please feed me mummy.

I am so pleased we decided to keep birds, it is very relaxing and therapeutic to sit and watch them.

Sunday, 11 March 2018


Welcome to two new followers Spirit Dancer and Jillene.

I have a daily routine where I go online and check shopping apps, freebie sites, facebook pages, to see what I can get for free. 

Below are some of the things I have got all completely free from shopping apps recently, the freebies usually expire with in a day so you have to be quick.

After this was photographed we actually got another three packs .
48 x bottles of milkshake free, we don't drink it but our son likes it, I only pick up things what will get used.

We all have an account each on the shopping apps so this means we can get three of everything free.

Free crackers.

We picked up this peanut butter today completely free, we still have one more to get.

Free samples are really useful, I have several drawers full of things, I can't remember the last time I bought skincare products. I have loads of shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, body lotions, perfume vials etc

Starting from the end of next month I will be doing a monthly post on all the free things I find that month, whether its from shopping apps, freebie sites, freecycle etc

If I can get it free it all helps with saving the pennies.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A lazy day

I am not a lazy person, always on the go, always something to do. But just once in a while I have a lazy day, we all need/should do this to recharge the batteries. 

I had tea and toast and marmalade in bed and watched a few YouTube videos Bealtaine Cottage and Meanqueen (Ilona). Then I had a look on the computer, I was just washing and dressed in time for the morning coffee which my husband made.

Then I don't really know what I did, well I suppose I do really I spent quite a bit of time fussing over these little ones.

6 new arrivals, 2 eggs left in this batch which look like they might be alright.

We went out before for lunch today, this was an early Mothers Day treat, we thought it would be quieter than on Sunday. 

A lovely carvery and I was able to get a free glass of wine.

After that it was a stroll around the garden centre, back home and out for a walk.
Now I am putting my feet up and seeing what we can find to watch on Netflix.
I have enjoyed my lazy day. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Charlie and Chuck's first outing

Welcome to 2 new followers Elizabeth and Madeleine.

It was clean out day for the chicks this morning, the sun was nice and warm so we thought we would put them out in the garden for a few minutes whilst my husband cleaned them out. They didn't move too far, just busy looking around and listening to the wild birds. As soon as they are old enough and it warms up a bit they will move into their accommodation in the garden, and then they will have the run of the garden. They are still very small now, they are only about three and a half weeks old still. 

After the power failure which affected all the Quail we left all the Silkie eggs to see what would happen/if they will hatch. The eggs are getting a lot heavier and it is looking like we might get some more now, fingers crossed, we also had a delivery of 6 miniature Silkie eggs which were a replacement from a seller who sold us some previously which turned out to be unfertile. So we will see if they hatch and then we will sell the incubators and concentrate on the aviary birds. So I don't know how many chickens we will end up with but we shall have to keep them until we can see which are cock birds and which are hens.

I will leave you with a video of Charlie and Chuck's first outing.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

New bird visitor

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, I put my coat over my dressing gown, put a woolly hat on and my nice warm boots and went to put food out for the wild birds. This is normal here feeding the birds comes first.

So I scraped all the snow off of the ground feeder, checked all the seed, then I put out some oats, fruit, suet pellets and meal worms. Then I went back to bed for a while.

After I had got showered and dressed later I looked out into the garden and I felt very blessed to see 6 Redwings. It was hard to take photos as they were on the move getting as much food as they could. I threw some apple cores out last night and they were tucking into them.

 After watching them for a while we noticed one was a bit bigger and looked slightly different.

This was a Fieldfare, the first time I have seen one.

Like the Redwings they are a member of the Thrush family.

They are common on  farmland and in the countryside, but will visit gardens when the weather is very cold and snowy.

They have been in and out of the garden most of the day. I am off out now to buy a treat of some apples for them.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Busy start to the day

This morning I was up bright and early and set to work in the kitchen, I used one bag of the cabbage and leek which I bought yesterday, and chopped it up a bit finer and added a few other veg and made two big tubs of chunky veg soup.

Next was the plums and cherries, I added a few apples and made them into a crumble.

I made a oaty crumble topping, I used some of the butter I made yesterday for that.

So tomorrow it will be soup and crumble.

 I used up the buttermilk from yesterday and made scones, also using some of the homemade butter, I put these on a tray uncooked and open froze then bagged up and back into the freezer.

I made those few things all before 9 am knowing I might not be well after my trip to the hospital, and I did come home feeling ill, later in the afternoon I melted down the old candle ends, I bought this really old double boiler pan at the car boot for £1.
It doesn't take long and candle wicks don't cost much to buy.

Worth doing.

Jack is cooking tea tonight so I can put my feet up, hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow.