Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Hello and Welcome to Barbara my new follower.

Oops , Looks like I shall have to go jogging tomorrow .......

Friday, 23 September 2016

I have a addiction.....

For bargains and freebies.......

Yes you guessed it right, I have been at it again.

Went to get milk for the weekend and came back with this lot.

All the freebies through the post this week.

Got an email with a coupon which was to get these for free and still another coupon to use.

I have also started using shopping apps which means I have been getting things for free, certainly worth looking into if you don't already use them. If you study it and use a coupon as well sometimes as was the case for me the other day got the items for free and even got paid extra money back.




We certainly know how to live well for less.

I think I should ban myself from the supermarkets for a few months.
It's difficult I am thinking of all the long term savings we are making, but I think the time is coming to stop and use the stock.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Veg versus Flowers

Welcome to my new follower Tammy.

I have been having a little think about growing veg.

This is the little area next to the green house which I planted Spring Onions, Carrot and Spinach in last week along with the Cabbages.

I am now thinking is it really worth it with all the bargains I am regularly picking up?

I would still use the green house and would grow Tomatoes, Peppers and Courgettes in pots and maybe just a few spuds in a small area of the above patch. And some lettuce and radish in grow bags/pots in the greenhouse.

I rather like the idea of having a little flower cutting patch.

These are the Dahlias today still going strong.

I just love the idea of bringing flowers from the garden indoors whenever I fancy.

What do you think ?

Which way would you go ?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

As Britney Sang....

OOPS I did it again.................

I usually buy Bertolli with Butter and stock up when it is on offer as it is our favourite, with only a scrape left in the fridge and no offers I walked up Asda after tea and ended up picking up one of these instead.

I rang my husband told him I would need picking up, I do drive myself but always walk when I don't need much.

The reason for not walking back was I walked past the clearance shelf and spotted this lot.

Ideal for..............
Pies, crumbles, cheescake toppings, stirred through yogurt.

Mandarins 25p 

Pineapple 20p

Shortcrust pastry mix 4 of those 30p each.

Cake cases 11p

Decorations - 25p

Never bought frosting before but thought I would for 50p.
Silver Balls for Christmas bakes 24p.
Ice cream Sprinkles 44p

Hundreds and Thousands 12p

 Blueberries 38p
Lemons & Limes 25p
Lettuce 10p

2 packs of green beans 30p each
Broad Beans 34p

Veg pack 23p
Potatoes 12p

Grand total with the butter £13.31


It's true I am getting quite addicted to bargains, but I am thinking about all the money we will save in the long run, then we can reach our savings goal.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Free Books

Some Winter reading courtesy of the lovely Patrica from here.

I was lucky enough to win a £30 Amazon voucher , she hosted a giveaway to celebrate 10 years of blogging.

So this is what I spent it on.

I collect books on The Royal Family.

I still have two more Susan Branch books also to come, so that was a nice lot of books thankyou Patricia.

I also picked up these cookery books from Freecycle.

Some more reading from our recent visit to Blenheim Palace.

I will still be looking out for some more at the car boots then I will have plenty of reading material for winter.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Busy Day

Now it is turning cooler the cool morning and night air were beginning to spoil the last of the Tomatoes which were outside, so I decided to dig them.

The last being left in the greenhouse hopefully they will ripen.

Still one Tomato plant in a bucket in the greenhouse.

I still have Chillies and 3 Pepper plants in the greenhouse.

Cabbages are looking well.

I have topped the growing area up with fresh compost.

The Courgettes came to life again still have some baby ones on so I will wait a few weeks to see if they are going to be ok or if they start rotting I will dig them up.

I have sown some Carrots, Spring Onions and Giant Winter Spinach.

 I have sown a few more Cabbages so these can go in where the Courgettes are when they have finished.

In a grow sack in the green house some winter lettuce has been sown.

 So that's it for me for the growing part of it this year.

Next week I will start thinking about the rest of the garden and get the bulbs out.

Only a few purchases from the carboot.

A pretty Duchess Violets milk jug on a saucer for £1.00

My Voilet collection is slowly coming together. It is quite hard to get Violet china.

A Spode Christmas Tree design cake plate for £2.00

And a lovely padded apron from Dunelm for £1.00

Then off to get some bargains.

All of that for £7.30  a huge saving .

I never just go and do a normal shop anymore I just pick up bits here and there.

Hope you have had a good weekend.