Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Time for a Spring Clean ?

If you want to save money you have to do something about it, most of us have financial goals, so instead of just dreaming of what you would like to do, you need to take action.

Keep a spending diary - you will be surprised just how much all those extras add up.

All those coffees out and shopping sprees all add up. See what you can do without, do you really need to buy those lovely shoes in the sale when you have a cupboard full of shoes? 

Look at all your bills and utilities, see if you can a better deal, it is not difficult to change suppliers. Don't pay more than you need to, spending a little time researching could save you hundreds.

Keep a rainy day fund for all those emergencies - we all have them , be prepared. If you are prepared you won't need to go and borrow/use credit. Even if you can't save much, you can still save any change, it adds up quickly.

Think about your pension, don't leave it until you are retired, you want to have a enjoyable retirement without thinking I should have put more in the pension pot but it's too late now.

Kick all your expensive habits.

Cook up some savings - go yellow sticker shopping, yes you might not want to go out of an evening searching for yellow stickers, but make an effort it can save you so much money, you can make savings of up to 75% sometimes.

Have a few meat free meals, or light meals a week like soup. Cheap and cheerful.

Stop worrying about what people think of you and just do it, some people might not like or agree with some of the things we do  to save. But do I care - NO.

If you want to make changes to your lifestyle then just do it, make an effort, it will pay off and you CAN and WILL reach your goals.

Stay positive and focused.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

My first eBook

I haven't done as much on this blog as I would have liked to lately because, I have been busy doing something else. I have just published my first eBook.


As you will see it is a series, another book is due to come out in the summer, I have several in the pipeline but I will just see how it goes.

Enjoy your day.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Just another thrifty day

Just another normal thrifty day...........

Two lots of washing have been dried in the beautiful sunshine.
My dear husband has washed the outside windows with a bit of soap and free water from the water butt.

I have been out sowing a few more seeds.

The second table in the greenhouse has started filling up.

Today I have sown....

Lambs Lettuce
Mini munch cucumber
Regular cucumber
Dwarf Double Dahlias

The first seeds are starting to appear now.

Two free packs of Chicken from a shopping app.

Free food

I had some potatoes which needed using up, so it was homemade oven chips for tea with the rest of the reduced cooked chicken and coleslaw I bought yesterday and some beans.

They might be sprouting but they are fine, I don't waste a thing

I had some lemons in the fridge which I bought reduced at the beginning of the month. They were still good. 

 So while the chips were in the oven I  baked a lemon cake. 

Lovely lemon cake

And not wasting that chicken carcass, I made some stock for the freezer.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


I have enjoyed trying to use up things from the cupboards and freezer and will continue to be careful on the grocery spend, but am no longer going to blog about it everyday as I am finding it quite tiresome.

Today I bought this.

2 x packs of four Activia yogurts -  55p pack
2 x packs of four bread rolls -22p pack
Cooked whole chicken - £1.54
Coleslaw - 17p
Milk -99p

Today's spend £4.24

March spend so far £80.50

We need fresh fruit, veg and salad now, so I will leave it until Sunday and see if I can get some yellow stickers.

So eight days left in March, I am not going to spend more than £20 in the next week, so it goes to show I will of managed and hopefully continue to manage at the £100 mark a month, which I think is pretty good going for three adults.

On to other things........

At the end of January I decided to concentrate on my hobby of entering competitions.

I am pleased to say I have had some wins.
These are the prizes I have won so far.

A razor

Cut and emboss folder for cardmaking.

Adhesive fabric sheets.

I was informed back in February about this win and it turned up today.

What a beauty.

The prize value is £265 - we are well chuffed, we are not using it here but have decided to keep it as we can probably make use of it in the future.

Finally I am receiving a code tomorrow from a company so I can order £50 worth of skincare products from their website.

 That's not it I am still waiting on a few things, but I will wait until I get them first before I tell you what they are.

So not bad at all so far, anyone else had any good wins lately?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 22

Tonight's meal was made from ingredients from the stores.

I put some pasta boiling, meanwhile I cooked a few of the chicken breasts I bought yesterday with some onion and garlic, added some grilled peppers from a jar, stirred in the tomato & chilli sauce and some fresh oregano. I put the cooked pasta in the bottom of the dish and then put the other cooked ingredients on top with some grated cheese and popped under the grill for a few minutes.

I have never put chicken in with pasta before, it was really very tasty. 

I am pleased to say there are now several spaces in the freezer and also the cupboard isn't looking so cluttered.

Today is a no spend day.

March spend so far £76.26

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 21

Welcome to my new follower ElizaB63

Tonight's tea.

A pack of sausages from the freezer, I cooked some extra potato, carrots and peas last night, a tin of mixed beans from the cupboard and some onions, some stock, puree and fresh herbs made a nice slow cooker meal.

Served with some crusty bread.

I did have a few spends today. I went into Home Bargains for bird seed and spotted a stew pack reduced to 50p, I also picked up some chicken breasts from the freezer so I can make a stew.

I bought bread and milk in Asda and spotted some teas on the reduced shelf. 
PG Tips were 35p each and I picked up the last box of smart price tea for 13p, not sure if that was a good idea or not, we tend to stick to PG Tips, so I am not sure what it will be like, but at that price I will try it, it won't hurt for once. Spending less is the name of the game.

Today's spend - £5.72

Small baguette - 45p
Milk - 95p
Chicken - £2.99
Vegetables  - 50p
Teas - 83p

March spend so far £76.26